Welcome to Frisbeeheads.org

Celebrating 25 years of hucking around (1994 - 2019)

This site is the home of the Broadmead Ultimate Frisbeeheads. We are a fun-loving group who plays pickup Ultimate Frisbee in Princeton, New Jersey. All skill levels are welcome, the only requirement is a commitment to the "spirit of the game."

Fall/Winter 2019 schedule:

  • Tues - Suspended until Spring.
  • Thurs - Suspended until Spring.
  • Sun - 2PM.

In-season weekday player attendance is confirmed 1-2 hours prior to gametime through the Frisbeeheads mailing list. Sunday games attract critical mass by themselves, and generally there are no email announcements/RSVPs.

The exact time of sunset is very important to Frisbeeheads (especially in the fall and winter months). To understand why the shortest day of the year - Dec. 21 - does not have the earliest sunset, click here.

To see a totally cool (if dated) collage of players by Adam click here.

Frisbeeheads fielded a team at Wildwood Beach Ultimate in 2014 (picture), in 2015 (picture), in 2016 (picture), in 2017 (picture), in 2018 (picture), and in 2019 (picture).

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Last modified 11/10/2019